Blue meets Blue is a humanitarian luxury fashion label, founded in 2015 by Chicago entrepreneur and social activist Shahd Alasaly. More than just a brand, Blue meets Blue designs luxury modest fashion collections that are made by refugee artisans new to the U.S.

Rooted in this mission, we created a nurturing environment for qualified refugee artisans that enriches their lives with renewed hope and freedom, while achieving couture-level style and sophistication to the women who shop the collections.  

Our artisans take great care in every stitch, button, and bead that passes through their hands. Sewing and engaging with women who they can identify with gives voice to their difficult experiences, and shines a light on their time-honored tradition of design.

We hope to expand this business model by building a network of Blue meets Blue  ateliers across the country.  


Our name stands for endless freedom and connectedness, as free and connected as the blue of the ocean meeting the blue of the sky.

“She is on a boat, clutching her two-year-old son, so tight, wishing she could protect him from all he’s seen. She thinks of her war-torn country...or what remains of it. Her two-year-old cries, hungry and shivering. She is aware that she is of the lucky few who were able to secure a spot on this raft but is terrified of what lies ahead. She wonders what will become of her husband who was unable to join her on this journey but told her he would catch up to them. She never thought they would be separated like this. Choking back tears, she stares down at her son's eyes that ache from crying. His ribs have become clearly visible. She stares to the point where an endless blue sea meets an endless blue sky and wonders if that is where hope lies.”

By purchasing our clothing you are providing refugees in the United States with jobs, empowerment, and hope. We truly thank you for being a part of this.

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