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Blue meets Blue: where fashion meets humanitarianism

blue meets blue is an ethical clothing line supporting refugee women in the USA.

Our Vision:

We hope to be a movement in the fashion industry –beautiful clothing with a powerful cause. We want to unite people with our fashion. blue meets blue stands for an endless freedom and connectedness-as free and connected as the blue of the ocean meeting the blue of the sky.

Our Mission:

1- Empower women by providing them fair employment and an opportunity to support their families.

2- Create a sense of community amongst newcomers.  Because of our gatherings, they have one another to share their stories and hopes with.  It has created a network of women with common goals and shared values.

3- Steer away from the fast fashion industry and create clothing with meaning. It means something to the people who made it and to those who will purchase it.

4- Eliminate a lot of the misunderstanding about the refugee crisis by spreading awareness and love through our fashion.